Isabella Valentine Retired

After serving the adult community since 2003 and providing hundreds or thousands of erotic hypnosis recordings, brainwashing, and mind control and over $1 million worth of phone sex calls on Niteflirt, I am now permanently retiring. Thank you to everyone who has helped me financially over the years. I’m in the process of removing much of my footprint from the internet to preserve the family unit. Erotic hypnosis both created and destroyed my marriage, career, and reputation, so I know the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of it. My whole life needs recovery and healing from the effects of past choices. It’s time to open a new chapter, and I’m closing this one.

We have a presidential election coming up, and I am shedding all manipulative influences from my life. That being said, please stop voting for Democrats to be your leaders. They manipulated me, my vote, and through me they manipulated you through my recordings. The Democrat Party are socialists who are destroying this country, and for almost a decade, I believed them. I used to be a Democrat and as you’ve already seen, I was converted to the Good side: Republican. I vow never to vote for Democrats again. It isn’t all about political party though. This is about Good vs. Evil. Of course I’m on the side of Good. By closing this site BEFORE the 2020 election, you can be sure all assets are deployed. All hands on deck to win this election. I’m a digital soldier. I’ve taken the Oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. While erotic hypnosis isn’t the enemy, MK ULTRA is. The similarities between mind control and satirical mind control often leave normal people feeling uneasy. I want to uplift not scare people.

Please support Donald Trump like your life depends on it. I didn’t vote for him in 2016 but he won me over after only two months in office. The fake news is propaganda for the DNC, and they always spin stories to make him look bad. You can’t trust what you see on tv or read from mainstream media. Pray for him. Give him a chance. Please do your own research. He is fighting against Evil and needs real support.

I’ve often thought of my recordings as fun and adventurous satire, however I’ve also seen the darker side and how it hurts marriages and intimacy. To be fair, I’ve also seen it save marriages. It depends on how people handle adulthood, freedom, agreements, and feelings. However I want to strengthen families, not create mistrust. I’m doing my part by recalling my products. Maybe I will join the Christian ministry and speak out about the problems in porn, and how ultimately I got out. Yes I know in the past I advocated in favor of porn but I just can’t anymore. I advocated for a lot of things until I walked away from the Democrat Party. Please keep me in your prayers as I escape the demonic forces and venture out into God’s guiding light. Dark to Light. Leaving has taken me years. It has not been easy. I would encourage each and every one of you to not judge the women in this line of work. I’ve personally seen almost all of them eventually leave. Please don’t assume they cannot change. Have faith in humanity. Don’t tell them they are going to hell. Extend an olive branch and help them leave. I can’t tell you how many people judged me for advertising my products when they had no clue how much I was trying to leave.

I’m taking a brave leap of faith to turn my life around in a way that glorifies the Lord. He is worthy of our praise and devotion. He loves us unconditionally (and doesn’t charge by the minute).

Please follow what Q says at and watch for the zero deltas and proofs. We must end human trafficking. We must fight against the Deep State Satanic Cabal no matter what [THEY] throw at us.
Since I’ve been in this industry a LONG time, it may be impossible to completely remove my footprint, but I will give it my best shot. I need your help though. If you see my videos or recordings on websites, it is without my permission. It would help me if you posted comments such as, “It’s disgraceful for you to post this when you know she struggled for years to leave the adult industry.” 

Please stop watching Porn Hub. They shouldn’t have my videos at all. They illegally allow ch*ld p*rn and r*pe and are stubbornly incapable of removing them in a timely fashion. Fight against those who seek to profit off people’s pain and suffering. Choose Good. Read the Bible and talk with God. That includes listening. You are not alone. God hears you and loves you. Be gentle with yourself. Try and live righteously. Pass out red pills of knowledge. Wake people up to the truth. Stop watching fake news and think for yourself. Free your mind. Don’t let people control you. I release you of any and all binding hypnotic suggestions, post-hypnotic suggestions, and controlling triggers. Be willing to do what God says no matter the cost. Even if it means leaving your career, your “fake friends,” or your current path.

Thank you for standing up for America. Thank you for listening to me all these years. Some of you saw this coming. I’m breaking free of the forces that bound me here. I’ve experienced The Great Awakening up close and personal. I’m not going to participate in this pretend roleplay any longer. I encourage you all to put your families first and to fall on your knees before God (not a Mistress) and do what is right. Please forgive me for any role I played in which you may have been adversely affected. May God have mercy. The cross of Jesus Christ welcomes all of our sins. We can all change and be saved by the blood of Jesus. Give God a chance. Allow healing to happen. You’re precious. You’re worth more than you can imagine.

I hope I’ve made you proud by leaving. I’m sorry if you were expecting products to buy. This feels like a good choice. Perhaps a great choice. I’m doing this to Make America Great Again. May God bless you and may God bless the United States of America.

Namaste and aloha!